Tanzania- 8 days7nights Best of Tanzanias North Circuit ,Great Wilderbeest migration+ Culture


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 Day 1: Arusha - Lake Manyara National Park/ Tarangire National Park

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 Day 1: Arusha - Lake Manyara National Park/ Tarangire National Park

You will be picked up from  the Airport in Arusha . Proceed to Lake Manyara National Park or Tarangire National Park  for a full day game drive with Picnic Lunch.

Lake Manyara Game Drive

From the entrance gate, the road winds through an expanse of lush jungle-like groundwater forest where hundred-strong baboon troops lounge nonchalantly along the roadside, blue monkeys scamper nimbly between the ancient mahogany trees, dainty bushbuck tread warily through the shadows, and outsized forest hornbills honk cacophonously in the high canopy.

Large buffalo, wildebeest and zebra herds congregate on these grassy plains, as do giraffes some so dark in coloration that they appear to be black from a distance making it a spatular game viewing point.

Tarangire Game Drive

Entering the park you will realize without doubt, the most impressive feature of Tarangire is the park’s elephant migration, when huge herds push through to Tarangire’s river system and swamps during the dry season. Due to the astonishing abundance of elephant in the park, this truly is a spectacular scene with over 500 species recorded to date, the park is truly a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Tree-climbing lions are fairly common,Cheetah, however, are relatively rare. Other carnivores that roam the rolling acacia and baobab woodlands, riverine forests and dense grass, include hyena, jackal and wild dog, though wild dog are scarce and favour other areas within the Maasai Steppe.

In addition to the enormous amounts of elephant, the park is chock-full of wildebeest, zebra, eland, impala, greater and lesser kudu, dik-dik, Coke’s hartebeest, Thomson’s gazelle, giraffe, buffalo, reedbuck, waterbuck, warthog, hippopotamus, mongoose and rock hyrax! There are even a couple of unusual antelope species – the fringe-eared oryx and the gerenuk. Black rhino are very seldom seen here, but it is believed that a few individuals dwell in the more remote regions of the park.Dinner & Overnight  Lake Manyara Kilimamoja Lodge Full Board Day 2: Karatu - Serengeti National Park

After Breakfast, Proceed to Serengeti National Park through Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

 Ngorongoro Transit to Serengeti

It is a scenic 4 hours drive towards the Great Serengeti National Park passing through the mist-shrouded rainforests of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area where you might be glimping buffalos, baboons, or even elephants and leopards in the dense undergrowth.

The drive can be accompanied by 2 famous Optional Activities including :Maasai Boma  and a visit to Olduvai Gorge

 Serengeti Central Game Drive

Exploring the Serengeti well known for its abundant resident wildlife, with lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo all present. They share the park with cheetah, Thomson's and Grant's gazelle, topi, eland, waterbuck, hyena, baboon, impala, African wild dog and giraffe to name a few.

The park also boasts about 500 bird species, including ostrich, secretary bird, Kori bustard, crowned crane, marabou stork, martial eagle, lovebirds and many species of vultures making it a perfect destination for bird lovers. Experiencing some two million wildebeest and zebra make their way across the plains in pursuit of the rains, closely followed by predators. Dinner & Overnight Ole Serai Luxury Camp - Turner Springs Full Board

 Drinks: ND - No Drinks

Day 3: Serengeti Central - Serengeti North

After breakfast, you will proceed to the Serengeti North in search of the wildebeest migration and wildcats.

 Serengeti Central to North Game Drive

Drive across the plains of Togoro and through the Mbuzi Mawe kopjes (small hills) as we make our way into the park's northern reaches.

Along the way you'll have the opportunity to see the Serengeti's diverse scenery as pass through wooded hills, tumbledown kopjes, and the wide open savannah. Your drive will show you everything from the diminutive dik-dik to towering elephants and giraffes.

Dinner & Overnight Ole Serai Kogatende Luxury Camp .Full Board

Day 4: Full Day Serengeti North Game Drive

Explore the Wildebeest Migration.

 Full Day Serengeti North Game Drive

The North Hills are covered in large acacia trees which support large amounts of elephants, giraffes, antelopes, buffaloes, and the carnivores that prey on them. It's a fascinating opportunity to see a large number of Africa's most iconic animals in a relatively small amount of time.

From here we'll proceed to the Bologonja and Wogatende areas where we will eventually meet the Mara River itself. Home to large numbers of hippos and Nile crocodiles, the Mara River is the last major obstacle standing between the Wildebeest Migration and the relative safety of the Masai Mara. If you're patient and a little lucky, you may even get to witness the death-defying crossing itself where wildebeest and zebras brave the river's currents and crocodiles in an attempt to reach safety on the opposite bank.

Dinner & Overnight Ole Serai Kogatende Luxury Camp Full Board

:Day 5: Serengeti National Park - Ngorongoro Conservation Area

After breakfast, proceed to Ngorongoro Conservation Area with a game drive along the way.

 Serengeti Game Drive to Ngorongoro

The Adventurous from the Great Serengeti National Park to Ngorongoro Conservation Area is filled with great game viewing of deferent animals. With a great chance of spotting predators like cheetahs, Lions, leopards and thousands of wildebeests and zebras migrating accompanied with giraffes, elephants, antelopes and more.Dinner & Overnight

 Ngorongoro Oldeani Mountain Lodge.Full Board

 Day 6: Ngorongoro Crater - Arusha

After Breakfast descend in the Ngorongoro Crater for a game drive. After Lunch proceed to Africa Amini Life for an authentic Maasai Experience.

Ngorongoro Crater Game Drive

A home to one of the densest mammal populations in the world, the Ngorongoro Crater is one of the best places to see the Big Five (African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and Rhinoceros). Other animals like gazelle, wildebeests, zebras, cheetahs, golden jackals, and topi are also found here in large numbers. For a relatively compact area of 260 square kilometers, it has an astonishing number of over 500 bird species.

The safaris here are amazing because you can see animals in every direction of your vehicle. Spotting the big five in one single day is highly likely. Dovver & Overnight :Africa Amini Life Lodge Full Board

Day 7: Amini Maasai Lodge - Arusha

Explore Amini Maasai Life Activities. After lunch return to  Arusha   

Africa Amini Maasai Lodge on the outskirts of Arusha. Operated by the local Maasai people, this luxury lodge blends western comforts with Maasai traditional architecture.

You'll spend your afternoon participating in Maasai lead activities such as guided nature walks to learn about traditional medicines, spear throwing, handicraft lessons, and more.

The lodge is located close to both the Arusha Airport and Arusha proper, making it a great place to spend your final night.

MAASAI ACTIVITIES:Spear throwing competition against the Maasai,Nature Walk with the Maasai,Donkey Ride with the Maasai

“Warm your heart“ Meditation room, Sauna, Pool,children playroom (with possibility to ask for children caretaker),Maasai Story telling for the whole family,Sundowner

Day 8: Departure 

After a hearty breakfast depart  for Arusha Airport to catch your onward flight 





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