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 Lake Kyaninga

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 Lake Kyaninga

 Lake Kyaninga is one of the several crater lakes in western Uganda ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling

It is  made up of two volcanic craters that have, over time, formed into one lake. It is one of the deepest crater lakes in Uganda and one of the cleanest in East Africa. Stretching a massive 224 metres/735 feet into the Earth, water of this depth should be very cold but thanks to the semi-active properties of these craters the water is a comfortable temperature for swimming.

The water in the lake has a very high mineral content which keeps almost all plant life at bay and stops the formation of any algae which in turn keeps the lake free from Bilharzia, a parasitic worm found in many Ugandan lakes. There are steps taking you down to the water’s edge where a floating jetty awaits to take you out to deeper waters

What to wear

Come with spare clothing to change , sunscreen and a smile

The dive day/session is as follows :

Ø  Meet at at the swimming pool of choice  in Fort Portal,either in Kyaninga Lodge Fort Motel or Mountains of The Moon Hotel for the pre dive session. Divers are given a feel of the dive, rules to follow, as well us to be sure that the client is healthy enough to dive (eg, not pregnant or other health conditions that may not permit the client to dive) as well as to sign a liability waiver agreement.

Ø  You are driven  to Lake Kyaninga 10 Km from Fort Portal

 To begin your dive. The actual dive session is one hour, but, the underwater session lasts a  maximum of 45 minutes per dive.

Ø  Return ashore and download your gear, for  lunch and debriefing. This is very important session because we have to make sure we release the client in good health, and, to dive means ‘going places, meeting people and doing things’. You come as a client, leave as a friend.

Ø  The dive can be aborted at any time if  the guide determines that the experience is too dangerous  for the client.

Equipment: provided

Diving suit(s)

1.     Buoyancy compensator device (BCD)

2.     Diving mask

3.     Swimming fins

4.     Diving knives/blades

5.     Diving compass (optional for the tourist)

6.     Dive weights

7.     Dive tanks (several)

Price includes

1.     All the above diving requirements

2.     Pre dive session in a swimming pool (in Entebbe)

3.     Medical insurance (plus First Aid preparation kit)

4.     Boat hire from Entebbe waterfront beach side

5.     Lunch after dive with post dive briefing.

6.     Pictures and videos for an extra fee, especially underwater


 Excludes transport from Kampala/Entebbe and accommodation in Fort Portal


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