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Bonobo Adventure - 6 Days / 5 Nights
Day 1: Arrival in Kinshasa
Where the Adventure Begins Your journey begins in Kinshasa, the vibrant capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. After settling into your hotel, indulge in a hearty breakfast and prepare for the extraordinary adventure that lies ahead.

Days 2: Encounter with Bonobos at Lola ya Bonobo Venture to Lola ya Bonobo, 
A captivating bonobo reserve just outside Kinshasa. Witness these remarkable primates up close, gaining insights into conservation efforts and marveling at their complex social behaviors.

Day 3: Ascend the Mighty Congo River 
Embark on an awe-inspiring journey as you ascend the legendary Congo River. Enjoy breathtaking vistas and immerse yourself in the tranquil rhythm of the Congo. Depending on your pace, rest at a riverside village or venture deeper into the lush forest.

Days 4 and 5: Tracking Bonobos in Their Natural Habitat 
Delve deep into the jungle, dedicating two thrilling days to track bonobos in their natural habitat. Prepare for encounters that will leave you in awe of the natural world.

Day 6: Immersive Forest Exploration 
Spend an extra day in a local village, discovering the rich biodiversity of the Congolese forest and engaging with the daily life of the villagers. Learn about their traditions, cultures, and the delicate balance they maintain with the surrounding nature.

Day 7: Return to Kinshasa
A Night of Reflection Bid farewell to the forest and return to Kinshasa. Spend your last evening reminiscing about the adventures in the heart of the Congo. Dinner and a comfortable overnight stay await.

Day 8: Departure 
Forever Changed As you depart, reflect on how this journey has transformed your perspective on adventure and the natural world. The memories made in the Congo will forever change the way you view untouched wilderness.