7 day City Tour Of Bujumbura, Tourism & Historical Tour
Day 1: Arrival in Bujumbura - Half Day Tour
Upon your arrival in Bujumbura, you will be warmly welcomed and transferred to your accommodation, Club du Lac Tanganyika Hotel. In the afternoon, embark on a half-day tour of Bujumbura. Visit the intriguing Snake & Culture Museum (Musee vivant), explore Buyenzi Muslim city, and take a scenic climb to the Belvedere, offering breathtaking views of Bujumbura city and Lake Tanganyika. After your explorations, enjoy dinner and an overnight stay at the hotel, with breakfast included.

Day 2: Karera Falls and Gitega City Tour
Start your day with a visit to the stunning Karera Falls, one of Burundi's famous natural attractions. These falls are renowned and draw tourists from around the world. Following the visit, journey towards the center of the country to Gitega. Enjoy lunch in Gitega and embark on a city tour, which includes a visit to the national museum, exploring Gitega's highlights, and a visit to the Catholic Location of Mushasha. Your overnight stay is at either Helena Hotel or Tamotel in Gitega, with breakfast included.

Day 3: Drum Sanctuary of Gishora
After breakfast, head to the drum sanctuary of Gishora, a significant cultural site in Burundi. Gishora is perched atop a hill, 7km from the urban center of Gitega. Here, you'll find two ritual drums, Ruciteme and Murimirwa, with names closely tied to farming and fertility, symbolizing the king's characteristics. Explore the rich cultural tradition of Burundi at this site, including a recreated architectural complex resembling a royal palace. Witness drumming performances and engage with the culture. Afterward, return to Bujumbura for dinner and an overnight stay at Club du Lac Tanganyika Hotel, including breakfast.

Day 4: Rumonge Port and Nyanza

Continue your adventure with a visit to local fishermen at Rumonge port, situated 70 km south of Bujumbura. Along the way, make a stop at Saga Resha resort, the former Mauss castle. Proceed to Nyanza, known for its palm tree plantations and oil production. Explore the local fishing culture and enjoy a lunch break at Saga Nyanza, where local Agasimbo dancers from Makamba perform. Later in the day, return to Bujumbura for dinner and an overnight stay at Club du Lac Tanganyika Hotel.